Obvious Enough for You?

In the oppressively eventless heat of August Washington Post has quietly moved from its news-you-can-use approach to Metro coverage to a model of stuff-that-isn't-news-that's-pretty-much-useless. Today's exhibit: Steven Ginsberg's dispatch on vacation traffic. It seems that during the month everyone clears out of Washington, the roads leading out of Washington are rather congested. Listen and, uhm, learn:

"When people go on vacation, they're trying to get away from their day-to-day hassles," said Frank R. Moretti, director of policy and research at TRIP, a Washington-based transportation research group. "Unfortunately, congestion follows people."

. . . . Travel experts said late July and August are the height of vacation season for Washingtonians. . . . "It's called the Washington recess because many people who earn their keep and living in Washington go away in August," said John Townsend, a spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Upcoming, related coverage on the Metro schedule: Shoes go on feet, not hands. Puppies and toddlers: two flavors of cute. Oh, and using your closet to mate your pet scorpions is probably a bad idea. -- HOLLY MARTINS

On the Road, No Vacation From Traffic [Washignton Post]


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