ooh, professionals, we're so impressedDid you think that Stephen Colbert's exclusion from South Carolina's Democratic primary ballot yesterday would spell the end of his bid? Well maybe it has for Colbert, but you better believe some good-for-nothing grad students or whoever are starting the "let's make an unofficial petition site that no one gives a shit about and will not result in any change" movement (see DraftGore.com).

ColbertForSouthCarolina.com is leading the attack -- it was recently added to the "1,000,000 strong for Stephen Colbert" Facebook group, which now has 1.4 million members. As we speak, the Paultard spambots are devising intricate webs of cardboard signs to fend off these upstart demographic competitors.

It sounds like 1.4 million people should realize that Colbert's book has been out for almost four weeks now, and he's probably done trying to promote it.

Colbert '08 [ColbertForSouthCarolina.com]


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