OFFICIAL Bristol Palin Facebook Page Up, Idiot Fan Comments Quickly Follow

OFFICIAL Bristol Palin Facebook Page Up, Idiot Fan Comments Quickly Follow

OMG! Bristol Palin has her own OFFICIAL Bristol Palin OFFICIAL Facebook fan page. So if you were wondering why that site was down this afternoon, there you have it. "I have decided to embark on something new and step out of my 'comfort zone' in order to tell my story and advocate for the pro-life and pro-family cause," she writes. So yes, she has decided to make money. Bristol hasn't put up much of anything yet, but of course her brilliant Facebook fans have taken to commenting on her "wall" of purity, and it's great.

(And today these Facebook messages are brought to you in STUNNING alt-text!)

This gentleman knows how to defend his gurl.

The best way to assure someone you're not a stalker is to tell them you're not a stalker. That, and legally adding Justin Bieber's surname to yours.

The man with the profile photo of two tortoises having sex knows how to be classy.

Going on Dancing with the Stars is the best decision you can make for your young child, according to this chain-letter thing.

So she says she's 56 to tell us that she's too old to remember how to count numbers, or she says she's 56 because she never stopped that toddler habit of prefacing everything you say to someone you meet by telling them how old you are?

DO NOT BRING POLITICS INTO THIS, SHIRTLESS MAN. But this woman loves shirts! She cannot understand your ways! [Facebook]


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