Official Wonkette Endorsement: Mary Carey

mary%20carey.jpgAnother afternoon, another porn star running for governor. And you know what that means: another Wonkette endorsement!

Fleshbot [caution: NSFW], our smut-obsessed sibling, reports:

"[T]he indefatigable Mary Carey kicked off another campaign for Governor of California in San Francisco this week. Running as an independent, she's going to need over 150,000 signatures from registered voters in order to make the ballot--a tall order for any candidate."

"Like any politician, though, it seems she has another agenda: after all, the whistle stop tour just happens to lend promotional support for her movie "Mary Carey for Governor". "I wear a suit and everything! It's like political porno." We think that's what's called synergy."

After the jump, an excerpt from Fleshbot's interview with the candidate, plus a head-to-head comparison of Carey and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not to be missed!

Fleshbot caught up with Carey and asked her about her platform. She responded:

Well, the big thing right now is just to bring money into the state of California, because, you know, the deficit's huge. Arnold took a lot of money away from education, so I want to bring money back to that ... I also want to tighten up security on our borders. And legalizing gay marriage, because that's going to bring a lot of money to the state. And I think girl-on-girl is really hot, so, we totally need to legalize gay marriage. I mean, I do a lot of girl-on-girl stuff. Those are my platforms!

Sounds good to us! Oh, and here's Fleshbot's table comparing Mary Carey and Arnold Schwarzenegger:


Finally, if you're at home -- or if you're in an office without a porn filter or sensor -- click here, to check out Fleshbot's special "video" of the candidate.

Every state gets the governor that it deserves. (That's why New Jersey ended up with McGreevey.) So Californians: Vote Mary Carey for governor!

Mary Carey for Governor []

Mary Carey on the Campaign Trial [Fleshbot] [NSFW]

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