Official Wonkette Endorsement: Wendy Wilde

wendy9.jpgRadio personality and community activist Wendy Wilde won the near-unanimous endorsement of Minnesota's 3rd District Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party for her run against Jim Ramstad (R-MN) last Saturday.

Wonkette officially and proudly endorses Wendy Wilde for U.S. Congress.

Full disclosure: Wendy Wilde is the stepmother of one of the editors of Wonkette. The one from Minnesota, you remember. Wears glasses. Ms. Wilde has on various occasions bought Alex Pareene Christmas gifts, baked him things, given him rides places, and married his father. Anyway, it is Wonkette's offical policy that people related to its editors should win elections. Because if our stepmom was in Congress, we would a) have somewhere to do our laundry for free, b) probably get a couple free meals and maybe some walking-around money every now and then, and c) have like the awesomest source ever. Seriously, fuck Congressional Staffers, we'd have a goddam member. Oh, and d) we'd get to suggest awesome bills. Cynthia McKinney could come to our birthday party! Anyway, despite this, Wonkette would like to assure its readers that this endorsement was completely transparent and unbiased, depending on your definition of "bias." Also: PARTY IN THE CAPITOL.

Wendy Wilde for U.S. Congress


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