Ha ha ha, John McCain made an ungodly horrific "joke" yesterday that you've probably already noticed. When a reporter asked him about an increase in American cigarette exports to Iran, phunny humorist McCain responded, "Maybe that's a way of killing them." It's amazing because this Very Dark Humor implies that killing innocent civilians is the specific strategy of the United States government re: Iran. Well duh! But still, check out how John McCain's friends in the Associated Press treated thisastonishing gaffe in the write-up: "Cindy McCain's jab to her husband's back came a second too late Tuesday to keep him from making a wisecrack about the health impact of Iran's main import from the United States: cigarettes." Ooooh golly, that pair, always with the loving give-and-take. He makes his silly wisecracks, she tells him to sit on it! We're glad that the playful dynamics of their marriage is what we took away from this story. [AP, TPM]


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