Oh, Apparently There Is A Video Game About Murdering Tea Party Zombies


Your Wonkette is not tremendously interested in violent shoot-em-up video games as a rule, because we are always "reading the Internet" -- whatever that means -- something we can accurately say spews a lot more horror and abortion at unsuspecting brain cells than the bloodiest video games on the market. So we are a little "meh" about this half-baked"Tea Party Zombies Must Die" 'puter game some bored programmer posted online to allow bored murder-inclined leftists to virtually mow down undead Tea Party hobbits as what, a tired joke, we suppose?

Are these real people we are seeing murdered? That is horrible? Who cares, because the "zombie" joke is so old that we have already lost interest. Because the game is kind of lame in terms of HUMOR, the only actual valuable metric of entertainment success where the Tea Party is concerned, it is only A GIANT DEF CON 4 DRUDGE ALERT that will napalm everyone's Google News homepage with furious wingnut screams and oaths to get out their real guns if they see any leftists lurking around their driveways, etc. Hooray for the Internet! [Tea Party Zombies Must Die]


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