Oh Come On Blanche Lincoln, You Are Not Winning Anything

Oh Come On Blanche Lincoln, You Are Not Winning Anything

Anew poll from Zogby (grain of salt!) shows Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln slightly ahead of her possible 2010 opponents for the moment, but when people are asked how they would vote if Blanche Lincoln voted for health care reform, she is losing by double digits. Televised pundits and such will see this and scream about how Blanche Lincoln simply CANNOT afford to support health care reform now, IT WOULD BE POLITICAL SUICIDE!

We don't understand how "Blanche Lincoln's re-election" is anyone else's problem but hers, or why we should care about it so much. No one forced Blanche Lincoln to run and get elected as a Democrat in Arkansas. She and Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu and the Blue Dogs in the House shouldn't come into Congress expecting long careers. Like COME ON. You're in the South, in the same party as a black president, and the economy is shit... it's *probably* not going to be a victory next year. Sorry! But don't screw it up for everyone else, please?

Lincoln Holds Lead Over Potential Senate Opponents [Zogby]


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