Oh Did You Yawn and Miss the New York Times' SCANDAL SHOCKER About David Paterson?


Never Forget.For weeks now, several hundred people who follow New York state politics have been very excited about a possible BOMBSHELL related to David Paterson, the wacky blind governor who used to do so much blow and bang all these gals at an uptown motel. Paterson only ended up as governor by mistake -- Eliot Spitzer's mistake of loving hookers more than life itself -- and nobody really gives a damn about him. Even his racial ally Barack Obama was all, "I really would rather you not run for governor, Democrats kind of have enough trouble." So the NYT was going to Finish the Job and run this incredible sexytime story about, uh, nobody knows, maybe Paterson doing even more blow, and more girlfriends? But it's the New York Times, America's most timid newspaper when it comes to anything beyond DESTROYING SOVEREIGN NATIONS, as long as Washington neo-cons are pulling the trigger, so the Paterson story is an Utter Fail.

So, what is this scandal, anyway? Uh, it seems there are some Questions about one of Paterson's aides. The guy had some cop troubles when he was a kid, some ex-girlfriends say he's an asshole, and yet DESPITE ALL THIS (or perhaps because of it?), Paterson has allowed this common thug from the ghetto to Rise Up and have a fairly important job. SHAME, SHAME.

Honestly, has the New York Times had a "scoop" since, what, that guy delivered the Pentagon Papers? From Watergate to John Edwards' New Age Witch Pregnant Mistress Gate, the NYT has consistently missed or intentionally avoided big stories, when not printing deliberate murderous lies from the likes of Judith Miller. [NYT/The Awl]


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