Oh Garbage Dump Why Are You Called a Garbage Dump?

* "If gay sex were healthy then we wouldn't call a plug 'male' and an outlet 'female.' Good luck with your confirmation, Dr. Shitforbrains. [Bible Belt Blogger]

* "Danny Glover is an America-hating Communist/apologist for dictators," so it's only natural he'd be campaigning for John Edwards. [Right Wing News]

* Mark McKinnon is only working for WALNUTS! to pass the time until Obama is the Dems' nominee. [Newsweek]

* Baghdad trash dump has become a haven for war refugees mostly because it's the safest place anybody can find. [Iraq Slogger]

* Iowa straw poll is now even more meaningless than before as Giuliani and McCain decide to skip it. [WP]

* Maybe America's Mayor isn't running after all. [On Call]


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