Oh Hey, Cheney's Maybe On the DC Madam's List

But there's something I have to say before you begin, You'll have to be gone before my man Billy Dilly comes in, Mr. Stagger Lee - WonketteThanks to the 700 people who sent in the latest "anything'spossible"rumor from angry local blogger Wayne Madsen. Here's the new Contract With America: We will post it, and you will quit e-mailing it to us. Okay? Okay.

The "former CEO" supposedly on the DC Madam's phone list is "former" Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney. He paid money to some poor girl and stuck his thing in her deal. ABC News all but dropped the story when Cheney threatened to jam that prop phone three feet up the ass of Brian Ross. That's why the formerly explosive scandal story instead got seven minutes at the end of whatever ABC News show Friday night.

There, are you people happy now? Didn't think so. Do you know why we're underwhelmed by this rumor? Because even if it's a fact, which it probably is, there's no way it would have any impact on Cheney's "career." This is a draft-dodging half-human war criminal with a pregnant lesbian daughter who tells senators to fuck themselves and shoots his own friends in the face. Ordering an outcall hooker is positively innocent compared to the well-known things Cheney does every day.

Cheney Rumor You Have To Scroll Down For Because Wayne Madsen Still Doesn't Know What a Permalink Is [Wayne Madsen Report]


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