Oh Just FYI: Your American Recession Dollars Are Going Towards Enabling Obama's Fascist Agricultural Hobbies


  • Obama is still draining all the stimulus recession dollars on his personal communist pet project: re-sodding the National Mall in such a way that one million red roses spring up in shape of Stalin's silhouette. Terrible, just terrible. [RedState]
  • Hillary Clinton isn't sure whether she'd like America to have the opportunity to read the sequel to Dick Cheney's torture fan fiction—Waterboarding Towards Bethlehem: A Nationbuildingsroman—and said some awkward thing about Cheney being weird, just to avoid the question! [Daily Intel]
  • Nate Silver sees four (or, "4") futures for the Republican Party. He thinks a drift towards libertarianism is the best way to go, so that should tell you something about the other three options. [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Obama is making good on his pinkie swear to no one that he is so all about Service. [The Caucus]
  • NRSC Chairman Jon Cornyn has given up on pretending that the Dems aren't going to secure 60 Senate seats. So, do with that what you will Norm Coleman—you will anyway. [Matt Yglesias]

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