Oh Little Town of ... That One Place, With the Jesus Baby

Somebody stole the Jesus! - WonketteFrom Charlie Brown to the president, every American loves Bethlehem because that's where the first Nativity Set was built. But a shocking new survey proves Americans don't even know where it is, let alone what kind of people live there. Do they know there's a War On Christmastime at all?

* 59% of Americans believed the population of Bethlehem was "either Muslim or Jewish or a mix of both."

* Only 15% knew it was a mix of Christians and Muslims.

* Only 15% of Americans realize that it is a Palestinian town in the West Bank.

* Less than a third of Americans knew Bethlehem had been walled off by Israel.

* 78% of Christians living in Bethlehem "blame the exodus of Christians from the town on Israel's blockade."

* 46% of Americans "blame it on Islamic politics."

Hooray for pious ignorance! Read more details at this jihadist website:

Americans back Bethlehem - but not sure where it is [Open Bethlehem]


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