Oh Look At Me, I'm 'Marie Claire,' Ogling Justin Trudeau's Crotch Like A Common Wonkette

There we were, yr Wonkette, just leafing through the internet like we do in the afternoons while we hope big news doesn't drop, and what do we see? We see lady magazine Marie Claire, trying to act like a common Wonkette, being all "OOH! AAH! JUSTIN TRUDEAU SPREAD HIS LEGS AND WE ARE MAKING A LEGITIMATE INTERNET POST OUT OF THIS!" Um, is that not OUR job?

Anyway, here is your picture of Justin Trudeau spreading his legs on the cover of Sky, the in-flight magazine of Delta Airlines:

Marie Claire is like "Oh, hello" and "Justin Trudeau is fully manspreading in the picture. Yes, fully," to which we reply "Yeah that's right he is."

We are of course teasing Marie Claire out of love, because we can't expect them to achieve such great heights as Wonkette's magnum opus 2016: The Year We Sexxxed Up Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Sexxxily. Or our other work of art, Justin Trudeau Can't Stop Nakeding His Way Across North American Continent. Maybe one day Marie Claire will be good enough at staring at Justin Trudeau's crotch to make up verbs like "nakeding."

Maybe they can even learn how to make memes like these:

Anyway, we are done teasing Marie Claire, because for honest, Wonkette believes God sent Justin Trudeau to earth so that all may equally gazeth upon his crotch.

Delta says on Twitter that it did this cover to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada. Happy birthday, Canada! Here is your delicious prime minister's crotch! Of course it's probably just like all disappointing birthday cards, where the cover looks great, but you open it up and there's no check -- or in this case, there are no Trudeau nudes. Bad job, Delta! Nakeding or it didn't happen!

Anyway, this is your open thread, where you can talk about how we completely shocked you by writing our 149th sexxx post about Justin Trudeau.

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[Marie Claire]

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