Oh Look, Hillary Clinton Is Being A Dick Again

Oh, Hillary. Why'd you have to go and say thatyou and Bill were "dead broke" when you left the White House in 2001? In an interview Monday with Diane Sawyer, Hillz said,

"We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea's education. You know, it was not easy."

It was not easy indeed, piecing together the mortgages for those two multimillion-dollar homes with just the promise of a piddling $12 million or so to come from Bill Clinton's golden pen (his penis).


And now, the aftermath. Mockery for being out of touch, almost as bad as Mitt Romney (no, that would be UNPOSSIBLE), a Politifact rating of "mostly untrue" (which can mean anything from "complete lie" to "absolutely factual"), and Republicans trotting out Rahm Emanuel asking her, disbelieving, "Really?"

Well, no. Not really.

We are reminded of the time (perhaps made up in our puny brains? Google doesn't seem to recognize it) that Donald Trump, in the midst of one of his innumerable bankruptcies, claimed to be more broke than the broke-est street corner bum, while sipping from his silver chalice and dining off his golden plate.

We are also reminded of an awesome story about Tori and Dean Spelling being dead broke, because your Editrix read it at the doctor's office yesterday, and told us all about it. Why, the poor Spellings were so broke that Tori, who, "an insider" (Tori Spelling) claimed, is VERY GOOD WITH MONEY and not at all a spendthrift like that awful bloated Dean, does up her multimillion dollar mansions herself, by picking out furniture from the vintage store she owns. She also upholsters her own chairs, and paints tables. (Probably with paint from her paint store?) And she clothes her tots in the children's clothing line she created so she'd be able to have cute nice things for her kids for free. Hand-to-mouth, like that! Also, they can only afford $16,000 in rent per month for their 6700 or 8700-square-foot home, your editrix says she can't remember.

When Hillary Clinton reminds people of Tori Spelling, perhaps it is time she shut the fuck up.

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