Oh Look, It's That Predictable 'Lipstick' Ad About Death!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/yZd_Y_D-RaA&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

Here's the stupidest piece of fucking bullshit the McCain campaign has released since, well, that last one that said Barack Obama molests 4-year-olds in the ass. It's kind of funny, though, watching people across the Internet wail about how this ad IS NOT TRUTHFUL!!!1!, because what's the point? Why even bother fact-checking a McCain ad? Each one is the precise audio-visual manifestation of Lie. And Barack Obama should expect this and BE MORE CAREFUL-ER, dingus.

Maybe in the future Barry should pick metaphors that don't remind people of the most quoted line of late, except with the wonderful insertion of "pig." It's sloppy.

Oh and here's another thing that absolutely doesn't matter at all, ever, but why not: Sarah Palin is no longer an actual human. Some of you may have settled on this earlier, and GOOD FOR YOU. And yet, this ad! Maybe the editor with the vagina should be tackling this question, but can Sarah Palin claim to stand for even a trace, a fucking fume, of Feminism when she lets Steve Schmidt et al. put this ad -- a piece of purely fictional gender-baiting -- into the public sphere and doesn't denounce it as 100% patronizing to women?

She is an actual slime monster from John McCain's toilet. Gross.

Lipstick [YouTube]


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