Oh, Look, It's the Ides of March: Jessica Cutler's TV Show

killyourtv.jpgwonkette: sarah jessica parker's exec producing a sitcom about jessica cutler. seriously, i need something to say beyond "jesus fucking christ i hate america"

operative: i think that works

operative: hey, if it keeps her off the streets....

wonkette: obviously, i just wanted someone else to share my pain

operative: also: America needs to know that lobbyists are not, in fact, the lowest form of Washington life

wonkette: clearly. if they were, there would be sitcoms about them.

operative: also: as if flyover country needed more proof that DC is an amoral wasteland

operative: wait til the tourism board hears about this? heeelllllo, cherry pie, indeed!

operative: SHE GOT A BLENDER

operative: not even A REAL HOOKER

operative: BLENDER

operative: the mind boggles what she'd do for a viking range

wonkette: it certainly doesn't help the whole dc inferiority complex. our most famous whores make out like runners-up on game shows

operative: most famous whores wear fedoras to their indictment

operative: omg

operative: the ABRAMOFF-CUTLER show!

operative: so best

wonkette: !!!

operative: i would totally watch that

wonkette: sharing an apartment, natch. accidental pda switch leads to HILARIOUS MIX-UPS

operative: doing coke together, talking about body image issues

wonkette: clearly a dharma and greg for the post 9/11 world

D.C. skein gets HBO vote [Variety]


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