Oh Look, the White House Got a YouTube Channel


Just another narcissist video-blogging from his home office, blah blah, job creation, energies, 3 million jobs, financial disaster. Only kidding, Barack! Don't have us disappeared! If half of this stuff makes it to the Economic Heroics Legislation, which Obama says will be LAW within a month, this is going to be nuts. Let's watch some video previews of what America can expect ....

One thing Mr. President announced in his Weekly YouTuber is a brand-new website to save the Economy, called Recovery.gov -- there's nothing on the site today, but once the Economic Stimulation is sweeping the nation, you'll be able to go to this site and print money! Take however much you want! (You must supply printer cartridges and blank paper, which will at least revive the office-products retail sector.)

But what will America look like, once everybody has some crazy government alternative-energy job and scientists all get million-dollar grants to do space research, in space, and everybody has Health Care and the schools are good and people just show up at your house and weatherproof it, with robots? Perhaps a little like this:

Exciting! Plus, we all get to have sex with Denise Richards, before we die. But it will probably be a lot more like this, sorry:

The White House [YouTube]


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