Oh No Ted Cruz Forgot Something

Getting a national political Republican campaign up and running is hard, guys. Just ask Sen. Rafael Edward Cruz, who's declaring his candidacy today. There are just tons of little details you need to anticipate, like filing all the paperwork for an exploratory committee, setting up a PAC, asking Sheldon Adelson's handlers if he prefers that you spit or swallow, and of course buying the website URL that consists of your own name plus "dot com."

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Case in point? Go click on www.tedcruz.com. Seriously, just click that linky and see what you get. What, you don't trust us? Fine, we will show you:

We're pretty sure there's a Running for the GOP nomination checklist somewhere in Cruz's notes that looks like this:

1. establish reputation as nutbag

2. renounce canadian cititzenship

3. make video

4. ???

5. Write Inaugural Address!

So now we know what's missing: 4. oh yeah, buy domain.

Honestly, how do you not buy politiciansname.com the minute you state campaigning for the Senate, much less the presidency?

We checked a couple other domains that seemed fairly obvious, and didn't see anything too exciting -- there's a pretty, so-far wordless slideshow at tedcruz2016.com, so maybe that's going to be the real site. Tedcruzforpresident has been purchased but has no content. And we really like the site design at tedcruzforamerica.com, too.

Maybe #4 on that list should be "buy ALL the domains."


Doktor Zoom

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