red_dawn_ver3.jpgThis is why Sergeant Wonkette blogs under a pseudonym.

When I was a sophomore in college, there was a young conservative boy who worked with me at the college paper. He would follow me around a bit, asking me lots of questions about how I wrote my column, and being a bit odd in terms of social grace. He was a homeschooled lad with an "aw shucks, you liberals are like animals at the zoo" attitude. He viewed everyone as a liberal.

As the year went on, he developed a bit of an adoration for me. I say this not in some kind of bragging way, but because it led to one of the strangest moments of my life. He showed up at Psi U for Halloween, wearing khakis and a blue blazer, a goofy tie on with his dress shirt. "What are you supposed to be?" the doorman asked. "I'm Jon Novak!" he said, raising a notepad with a heading that said "Confusion Corner" on it.

For those who don't get the costume, in addition to writing a weekly humor column called Confusion Corner, I was also a member of the premier college acappella group, the Gentlemen of the College, who wore khakis, blue blazers and wacky ties.

Anyway, the moment of having someone dressed as me for halloween has always stuck out as one of those "is that my fifteen minutes of fame" moments in my life. I will always remember it fondly.

Today, I found out what my old friend and wannabe protege was up to. His name, by the way: Ben Domenech

You know, the exact same thing happened to us with David Ignatious. This whole creepy Single White Female thing, it was weird.

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