Oh Right, Here Are Our Sexy War Parade Photos


It was not easy getting to this Inaugural Parade late in the day, yesterday, what with the monstrous piles of trash and dead bodies and fences seemingly blocking all pedestrian paths. But we did it for you, the dear reader, and stayed for like a whole five minutes before getting cold and running away forever. Click the clicky for pictures of warfare, orcs, Indians, and more black presidents.

We saw Cornel West walking with some spiky-haired friend of his and figured we should follow him to the parade, since he has a PhD and would know how to get there.

Whoa hey it's Michelle Obama's high school dance team! But they only came to see George H. W. Bush.


Phew. They were actually just the Florida A&M marching band. (although maybe "M" stands for muslin?) For every one student at this college, there are three members of the college marching band. Just like in the Insurgency!

Gah!! Indians show up to kill America!

Look at 'em go! They were cold murderin' everyone. It's the Story of the West!

Illegals being driven in in PLAIN DAYLIGHT! Why did Obama let this happen??

Oh thank god, Obama finally showed up to get rid of the Mexicans and Indians and Muslims from our White Country.

And then fuckin' Yoshi back there ate everyone and shat them out as eggs. What a festive celebration of the New America!


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