Oh, Shit, We Forgot To Turn on the Bush Speech Until the Q&A Started, and Now We're Confused

bushcleveland.jpgThis is like a book tour Q&A. We miss the days when they screened and scripted these things, so we wouldn't have to hear this guy talk about boxing for 20 minutes.

Onions -- WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM? Unclear. Immigration policy has something to do with plucking/peeling onions.

Pull quotes:

"Forgering industy."

"The onion guy out there."

"Cach and release" -- illegal immigrants = fish?

We, uh, are finding him very reasonable about immigration. Immigrants are not to be given amnesty, are still to be allowed to work our shittiest jobs. Makes sense to us.

He's crackin' jokes! Most are about how tired he is and how he wants to go home, though, which, uh, can't really help that whole "Bush is disconnected and his administration is exhausted" idea.

And the grip-and-grin -- watch closely. Two to three of the people whose hands he shakes in the next two minutes will end up resigning from something in disgrace, being indicted, or fleeing the country.

A few more general thoughts, after the jump:

* Bush wants to go home. He is tired of being President.

* That said, the not-giving-a-shit kind of works for him. He was funny in that 2000 way again, instead of petulant and whiny.

* Though still a little whiny.

* No one paid any attention to the policy or substance of the things he said, because there wasn't any. He has no agenda except the ride out the next few years without seeing any more of his friends wind up testifying against him. Don't let anyone tell you different tomorrow. (We're looking at you, Mark "President's Legislative Agenda" Halperin).

* Oh, shit, we think the orchestra ran out of Sousa and accidentally launched into the Death Star theme. Wait, now it appears to be the theme to "Branded."

* No, shit, it's a "This Land is Your Land"/"God Bless America" mash-up! Irony is thown out the window and shot repeatedly on the way down!

Bush: More to Iraq Story Than Violence [CNN]


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