God, this guy looks fucking evil and creepy, right?Mike Huckabee added another star to his endorsement firmament by locking up Jim Gilchrist (and right out from under Tancredo's trembling nose, too!). Jim is best (only) known for heading the Minuteman Project, which is a group of crazy anti-brown-people activists that sit in lawn chairs with binoculars watching the border and who would never, ever shoot any unarmed illegal immigrants even if they thought they could get away with it. Jim also warned that Congress providing "amnesty" to illegal immigrants might set off a (presumably armed) insurrection, which was totally not Montana militia-y at all. This is expected to help the Huck as he tries to prove that he hates brown people as much if not more than what all the candidates apparently believe is the average Republican primary voter. [NY Times]


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