Oh WALNUTS! McCain's Henchmen Spread Dirty Lie About CNN Reporter

Lookin' at a thing in a bag. - WonketteRemember when WALNUTS! made the bizarre and utterly fictional claim that Baghdad was so safe it was like Greenwich Village when Rudy was dictator? CNN reporter Michael Ware is actually in Baghdad trying not to get blown up every day, and he quickly collected some info from U.S. military commanders in Iraq who found McCain's claims absolutely hilarious.

In retaliation, McCain's hired goons fed a fake outrage to Drudge Report, claiming that Ware "heckled" McCain when the sociopathic GOP non-front-runner made a stunt visit to Baghdad. Ware and all the other reporters who were actually there say this is nonsense.

This would be a great dirty trick if anybody respected or even gave a shit about John McCain. What would you possibly do to that guy other than heckle him? Other than slap him unconscious, we mean .... Those reporters should be given medals for superhuman restraint.

Matt Drudge -- Douchebag of the Week! [Professor Hex]

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