Oh Yeah, There Was Also Somebody With a Gun Hiding In This High School, Waiting For Obama


Here's a police department mugshot of the guy found at the New Hampshire high school where Obama did his wingnut-free health-care Logan's Run talky talk.Richard Terry Young, age 62, was reportedly grabbed by the cops and/or Secret Service at Portsmouth High School on Tuesday morning before Obama arrived. Dude had a knife, and the cops reportedly found his car nearby, with an unregistered loaded gun inside.

This is not the same guy seen here with his strap on at the Gun Sale at the Church. Totally different!

So, there you go, one old guy sneaking around the high school -- allegedly! -- with a knife and an illegal and loaded gun, and another dude with a gun strapped on his leg, at the church. All for Obama! You know what we're going to do in late January of 2017? Let out a big-ass sigh of relief, that's what.


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