Oil Disaster Spoils Arnold's Fun, Tennessee Floods, Washington Gets High


  • A meeting with Ronald Reagan, 1983.The Nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico claimed another victim Monday: Arnold Schwarzenegger's big plan to fund California's cash-starved state parks with offshore drilling along the coast where the most popular state parks are located. It was the kind of brilliant piss-everybody-off scheme that Schwarzenegger has excelled at during his seven years as governor. So the parks are still broke. For his bonus round, Arnold vetoed a popular bill that would've banned cigarette smoking on state beaches. Oh, and the "Governator" also made public his support for Obamacare and is fighting the oil industry's attempts to repeal California's alternative energy law. Everybody unhappy now? Good! [Mercury News/SF Gate/LA Times/Associated Press]
  • At least 28 people were killed after heavy flooding hit the Nashville area. More than 15 inches of rain fell over the weekend and rivers spilled over towns. [CNN/The Tennessean]
  • Times Square fail-bomb suspect caught at JFK, trying to fly fly away. [CNN]
  • It will be awesome when DC makes "medical marijuana" legal, because then this whole District of Potheads can make up some ailment that requires the marijuana they already smoke all the time. Washington is the dopiest city in America! [Washington Post]

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