Oil Industry Not Run By Vicious, Slavering Carnivores, Apparently

Oil Industry Not Run By Vicious, Slavering Carnivores, Apparently

  • Hey, you know who knows a lot about oil, and evil, and death? Russian President Dmitry Medvedev! He mused to the WSJ about the future of BP, and said that, what with all the money they'll be spending, "Whether the company can digest those expenditures, whether they will lead to the annihilation of the company or its break up is a matter of expediency." Ha ha, it's always funny when Russian leaders talk dourly about annihilation. But the head of Lukoil, one of Russia's biggest oil companies, says that they won't be taking advantage if BP has to sell its assets to raise cash to pay off Nobama: "We are not wolves, we do not eat the weak." [BBC]
  • In other oil news, it turns out the real victims in all this are people who, thanks to the meddling government, no longer get to work on dangerous oil platforms that seem quite likely to explode and cause environmental catastrophe. [NYT]
  • Three months after the election, the Iraqis still haven't formed a new government. At least they aren't trying to kill each other anymore, though! Oh, they kind of are? Well, they're trying less. [538]
  • Utah just stone cold shot a guy last night. [NYT]

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