Oil May Stop Spewing Into Gulf By End Of Month, But Yeah, Probably Not


Remember that oil spill that was big news a few weeks back? No, probably not. But that is a thing that is still happening. Anyway, BP could have the Gulf oil wellall fixed up by July 27, according to the Wall Street Journal! This current plan is called "Bottom Kill" and attempts to shoot a bunch of mud or something in there. There are also backup plans, the article notes, though hasn't everything been a backup plan since the thing exploded? Meanwhile, Tony Hayward is flying around on his air yacht looking for investors, as BP has no money left for all of this.

Other news: Some anonymous man in the government says that July 27 date is too optimistic, which is not a surprise, as everything has been too optimistic with this annoying oil spill that will never end.

Also Obama wants the oil-collecting boats to start doing stuff again. They had stopped because of some guy who calls himself "Hurricane Alex." [WSJ/WSJ/NYT]


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