Okay: Which One Of You Got A Deer High, For Laughs?


  • A deer, which was being chased by a pack of dogs, which was being chased by Sarah Palin and a fleet of helicopters, which was being chased by that same deer, smashed into the window of a Greek restaurant in Silver Spring and then went to hide out in the bakery of a Giant. [WTOP]
  • Oh, just, by the way: If you choose to send your kid to a DC public school, this is the same thing as singing them up for a gang, or so says South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. [DCist]
  • A racetrack's American Dream of installing slot machines is being thwarted by its own bankruptcy! This recession has a face, and it's that of a street hobo who is unable to spend his last quarter at a racetrack slot machine. [DC Examiner]
  • Ha ha, a children's school bus driver offered her passengers $20 to whoever could hit some shout-y kid with the most snowballs. This was an abuse of power, apparently! [Washington Post]
  • The Washington Post is just some sort of tragic facsimile of the Internet that doesn't actually contain any news. [Fishbowl DC]

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