Oklahoma Congressional Candidate Vows War on Texas if Elected


What are politicians promising prospective constituents in campaign ads these days, "fiscal responsibility" or some such perhaps? LAME, and also a terrible lie. Fuck that. Oklahoma Democratic candidate for Congress Rob Wallace promises not to let Texas steal any of Oklahoma's shit, that's what. Time somebody did that. Here, he'll shoot at a water jug with a picture of Texas on it to prove he is serious. Video after the jump!

It's all "Medicaid and Social Security, hell yeah" and then something something Texas is trying to steal all of Oklahoma's water something something KABLAM. WEE-HAW!

We still can rate this ad only perhaps a six on a scale of one to Dale Peterson, because we can recognize the words in this ad as being from the English language and there is no mention of the critical scourge of yard sign stealing. But we stand behind you, Rob Wallace, because who isn't usually feeling annoyed by Texas? [YouTube via Wonkette operative "Craig P."]


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