Oklahoma May No Longer Be a Shining Beacon of Hope and Joy

As the federal government continues to fail in its efforts to secure America's borders from the illegal immigrant menace, state governments across the country are stepping up to the plate and passing their own bills against the menace of cheap labor.

At least 18 states have passed new immigration legislation. The intention of most of these bills is to hugely inconvenience anyone looking to break into America through back channels. The unlucky immigrant ending up in Arizona, for example, may soon find that any routine police stop can end in a request for proof of citizenship. In Michigan illegals may soon find themselves ineligible for welfare. And god forbid they try Oklahoma:

"Illegal immigrants will not come to Oklahoma if there are no jobs waiting for them," said state Rep. Randy Terrill (R), who wrote his state's law, one of the most sweeping in the country. "They will not stay here if there are no government subsidies, and they certainly will not stay here if they know that if they come in contact with one of our officers, they will be physically detained until they are deported."

As Terrill makes clear, the purpose of the bill is to make life so difficult and getting by so ultimately futile that the immigrant will want to go back home to Mezico. What they seem to be forgetting is that this hypothetical immigrant has already picked fucking Oklahoma. Would anyone even notice if life got marginally more depressing there?

Illegal Immigrants Targeted By States [WP]


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