Oklahoma Republicans Make Hilarious Joke About How Poors Are Gross Animals

It's tough to be a Republican these days if you don't have an overwhelming disdain for people who struggle to get by (often because they're held back by Republican policies, funny how that works). Because THOSE PEOPLE, right? Anyway, all Republicans know that if people are poor, it's their fault -- unless the poors are Republicans, in which case they are "going through a thing" which is "not at all like those welfare queens" -- so it was perfectly natural for the Oklahoma GOP to post this to its FacePlace page:

OH HA HA HA HA, we get it! At least we THINK we get it, because after all, we are just a stupid liberal who wants to shamnesty all the gay abortions in France with Saul Alinsky, but it seems that they are saying that poor people are just like animals, and that if you keep leaving food outside for them, they'll just keep purring at your back door (that's not a sex innuendo) until you feed them again. That's quite a joke!

Also, that is actually not a "lesson in irony," though this post is the last place we want to spend time explaining that.

So, these Oklahoma Republicans, do they have a record of helping the poor pull themselves up by their bootstraps -- you know, teaching a man to fish, like Jesus said -- or are they craven twatrockets who fuck the poors, and then make jokes about how fucked the poors are? Door number two, Chuck! Remember, long ago in 2014, when Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill that would keep liberal hellholes like Oklahoma City from raising the minimum wage? Because, according to her, all those minimum wage workers are teenagers driving the BMW Mommy and Daddy bought for them, people with those jobs don't need actual money. At the time we pointed out that 49.4 percent of minimum wage-earners are 25 or older, so either half of them are actual adults who need money to live, or little Brittany has repeated the 10th grade A LOT OF TIMES.

And that's just one example! Is it the only example? You're crazy, of course it isn't. Oklahoma has been down this road before.

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Anyway, great joke, Oklahoma Republicans! Why aren't normal people laughing? Because you're fucking assholes.

[Oklahoma GOP on Facebook]

Evan Hurst

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