Old Barbara Walters Had Sex Affair With Old Black Republican Senator, In The 1970s

And everybody got a free teevee and a tossed salad, the end.

Forty years ago, twice-divorced teevee gal Barbara Walters was happily getting it on with a Republican senator from Massachusetts. Not only was Edward Brooke the first straight Republican politician, but he was also the first black man elected to the U.S. Senate. You know, that is racial transcendence.

"Baba Wawa" reveals all the horny '70s details on Oprah Winfrey's show next week, and we'll all be watching. But because we won't, here's what supposedly happened.

Walters claims she had a years-long sex affair with the moderate Republican, who was married at the time. Brooke was later divorced. And he's still alive, retired in Florida or something, and it is kind of NOT COOL to rat out your old '70s affair partner when he's still alive. No class, Baba.

Anyway, she tells Oprah she doesn't give a hoot because she had already been divorced a hundred times by the early 1970s. Also, she was "infatuated" with Senator Brooke.

Brooke was born and raised and educated in the District, was an Army captain in Europe, got his degrees from Howard and Boston Law, and served a dozen years in the Senate. But now "Affair With Barbara Walters" is going to be the longest part of his Wikipedia entry.

Barbara Walters reveals past affair with US senator [AP]


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