Old-Fashioned Southern Democrat Generously Gave Away His Bribes

Sad Mr. Moneybags - WonketteJim Black was the leader of the North Carolina house of representatives. Already convicted in federal court of various bribery giving/taking crimes, now he's facing similar charges in the state courts. But unlike bigshot Washington bribe-takers like Duke Cunningham, folksy Jim Smith didn't buy any fancy yachts with his dirty money.

When asked what he did with the money, Black was ambiguous: "Nothing in particular. I go to dinner, play golf, leave tips for kids who work at the golf course, tips for people who work in the yard. I have always been very generous with my money."

Yes. So carefree was Jim Black with his cash that he always had $10,000 or so in his pockets, mostly in quarters, so that he could conveinently bribe other lawmakers. For instance, when he bribed a GOP representative with 10 grand to switch parties a few years ago, he didn't even need to hit the ATM first. "I don't know exactly where I got that cash," he told the judge. "I have always had cash on hand."

And now he's going to prison, the end.

Ex-N.C. House Speaker Admits Giving Cash [Washington Post]


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