GHWB: You know, Jimmy, I told those sons of bitches to go with Jeb. They think they run the goddamned world ... heh heh, well I suppose they do.

JC: Ah know, Ah know. But ah shouldn't have mentioned Junior by name, that's unfair to you, George. He's not your fault.

GHWB: I should've made Babs abort that one. Ha ha ha ha --

JC: Ha ha ha ha ... shhhhh, here comes that old asshole Billy Graham. I hoped Clinton would keep him occupied with that story about Sheryl Crow.

GHWB: Bill's probably chasing the colored help again. I always say, "Discipline, Bill, Discipline." I love him but oh, brother --

JC: Ah know, ah know. He's like Tony Blair crossbred with a tomcat.

Former Presidents Join Billy Graham At His Library Dedication [AP]

Bush, Carter back off sniping at each other [Capitol Hill Blue]


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