Old Handsome Joe Biden Asks If Japanese Ladies' Husbands Gave Them Permission To Get Jerbs


Oh, golly, Old Handsome Joe... You know, we get you, but not everybody gets you. You understand we literally love you to death, but sometimes, you sort of literally put your foot in your mouth? Like during this meeting with five women at Japanese internet concern DeNA, where you asked the three married gals, "Do your husbands like you working full time?" We get what you meant, of course -- the White House pool report said that the point of the visit was to emphasize "the need to integrate more women in the workforce," and so the question was aimed at showing that family and work aren't incompatible, but that's not how it came out, exactly.

We're pretty sure U.S.-Japan relations won't be set back too badly; after all, this is a country that's more accustomed to having American Presidents vomiting on their prime minister.

But for god's sake, Joe, don't bring up that awesome "Meet Asian Women" ad you saw on Wonkette, OK?

[Business Insider]

Doktor Zoom

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