Old Handsome Joe Biden Calls Every Martin Walsh In Book, Gets New Boston Mayor Eventually

Old Handsome Joe Biden Calls Every Martin Walsh In Book, Gets New Boston Mayor Eventually

Old Handsome Joe Biden accidentallycalled the wrong Martin Walsh Tuesday night to congratulate him on being elected Mayor of Boston. Instead of reaching the new mayor, OHJB called a former Ted Kennedy staffer with the same name, starting the conversation with a friendly "You son of a gun, Marty! You did it!" After Walsh cleared up the mistake, the two chatted a bit, and Biden then called the right Martin Walsh and left a congratulatory voicemail.

The Marty Walsh that Biden called first wasn't too worried about it, and says he figures this is just something he'll have to get used to. In addition to Old Handsome Joe's call, he also received misplaced congratulations Tuesday from Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Minneapolis mayor and DNC vice chair R.T. Rybak. "We’re a dime a dozen in Boston,” Walsh said. “I probably know eight Marty Walshes."

Wonkette was unable to confirm our suspicions that Rep. Michele Bachmann attempted to call the losing Republican mayoral candidate but then spent several minutes offering her support and encouragement to Texas Governor John Connally, who died in 1993.

[Boston Globe via Mediaite]

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