Old Idahoan Wants Separate Bathrooms For Gay And Straight Dudes

This old coot is Walt Bayes, a 70-year-old retired Bitter who is running for Idaho's House of Representatives. Two years ago, Bayes went on a comical 59-day hunger strike because of abortion. Quitter! That's OK, because Bayes has lots of good ideas for Larry Craig's state. In his "campaign literature," there are all sorts of innovative ideas for public education, such as this: "It is absolutely wrong to force any student to share the same bathrooms and showers with homosexual teachers or students." He explains.

Apparently for Bayes, it would have been disastrous had he been around naked gals in the school showers when he was growing up, so he is automatically gay:

Bayes said that when he was 18 it would have been "an absolute catastrophe" for him to have showered with girls. But he said he wasn't completely sure how the issue of homosexuals and heterosexuals using the same facilities in schools should be addressed.

"I don't really have an answer for it, but we're going to have to do something if there's going to be a considerable number of our people who are going to go that way (homosexual)," Bayes said. "We're going to (need) some kind of separation."

But if you put all the gay guys in one shower, wouldn't that increase the amount of gay sex in Idaho, Mr. Walter? Also: what if, say, an Idahoan came along who wasn't gay, but just liked to fuck dudes? There surely must be an Idahoan walking this fine line. Which shower would you put him in?

Walt Bayes: Schools need separate bathrooms for gay students [Idaho Press-Tribune via Towleroad]


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