Old People Haven't Been This Excited Since Golden Girls Was Canceled

Or maybe since the invention of Viagra. Anyhoo, yesterday a flash mob of old people descended upon the Arlington home of poor Michael Leavitt:

old%20people.jpgSeveral hundred activists from throughout the country demonstrated at the doorstep of Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt yesterday to protest the administration's prescription drug plan for senior citizens. The unannounced visit to Leavitt's home in Arlington County was made by members of the Chicago-based National People's Action, a coalition of neighborhood advocacy groups that is more than 30 years old.

Betty Gazaway, 72, of Cincinnati, who knocked on Leavitt's door, said a woman who identified herself as his wife politely told Gazaway that Leavitt was on a plane and could not be reached by phone. Arlington police showed up minutes later and moved the crowd away from the front door of the house.

In defending Secretary Leavitt's decision not to extend the enrollment deadline for Medicare Part D -- just a week away, on May 15 (consider that a public service announcement) -- an HHS spokesman said: "Deadlines are good. They get people to take action."

Our tipster quips: "Guess this only applies for old people and not, say, Iraq."


Protesters Swarm HHS Chief's Home [WP]


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