Old Sex Blog Scandal Soon To Bore Judge, Too

Back when George Bush was 'popular' ... - WonketteLegal scholars and D.C. perverts are very excited that the "Washington sex blog" lawsuit will actually go to trial. Hooray!

It all started a long time ago when this gal who was working for Mike DeWine's senate office wrote a blog about the half-dozen capitools she was screwing. Some of the turbos were even paying for the privilege, which in DC is known as "lobbying." One of the half-dozen men who sometimes put his penis in former Hill staffer Jessica Cutler was so embarrassed by his sinful ways that he sued Cutler!

And Wonkette had linked to Cutler's short-lived blog, so naturally the dude had to sue former Wonkette editor Ana Marie Cox, too. Oh well, at least goddamned Mike DeWine got sent back to whatever Ohio cesspool he crawled out of ....

Senate sex blog suit heads toward X-rated trial [CNN]


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