Old White People Enjoy Scary Obama Birthday Cards

It's bad enough that most white people in America are poor and old and downsized out of a real job and denied retirement and forced to labor as a "temp" or "seasonal employee" at WalMart or McDonald's until death. There's also a colored fellow in the White House! Luckily, America's drug stores have lots of wacky/terrifying Obama novelty greeting cards for the olds to look at while they're picking up their prescriptions.

The Awl investigated the strange world of Obama greeting cards and found that the $3 pieces of paper have become increasingly more frightening over the years. While the first batches of cards seemed to be of the old, 1970s style -- cheery, dumb, suitable for an office, something about the important President acknowledging the lowly person on the occasion of a birthday -- the latter-day cards are filled with fear and loathing:

Duane Reade — a subsidiary of Walgreens! — also carry a diverse line of Barack Obama birthday cards, which range from adulatory to scare-mongering.

Pictures of many more Obama cards here at the link: [The Awl]


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