publiceye.gifWe take back every single negative thing we have ever said about a) blogs b) CBS c) TV news d) humanity in general. Because of this new feature at the CBS "PublicEye" site. It is called "What Was Andy Thinking?" and it is a list of things talked about by Andy Rooney every week on 60 Minutes. Here is but a sampling:

* 01/23/94 "Roman Numerals" - refresher course on Roman numerals

* 01/30/94: "Food Pictures" - food products don't look like the pictures on the box (pancake mix, cereals etc.)

* 05/22/94: "Gifts - 1994" - things that Andy received during 1994

* 06/26/94: "Shoe Sizes" - how shoe sizes are determined

* 08/14/94: "How to Open An Envelope" - instructions for opening envelopes

* 10/02/94: "Horns" - the way horns in different makes of cars sound

* 10/16/94: "Hometown Names" - names of cities and towns in the U.S.

* 11/27/94: "Men's Bags" - things men carry in their bags

We are doubled over with laughter. Everything is right with the world and we have forgotten what Uranium even is. AND THIS IS ONLY 1994. It can only get crazier from here.

What Was Andy Thinking... in 1994? [PublicEye]


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