BLOGGING IN ACTION - WonketteA time-delayed report from CNN's Blog Party

We're at the bar, facing away from all the bloggers. To our right: Two giant monitors w/ webcams attached. On those monitors: Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds and Joshua Michah "Talking Points Memo" Marshall. On blurry, stuttering, crappy streaming internet video. Some serious Max Headroom shit at the blog party.

Plus, the special super-fast CNN wireless network doesn't work, unlike the normal wifi network here at Tryst, which we've never had problems with. Shit DOES NOT WORK. Except for the table directly behind us, which is Powerline (not Hindrocket. One of the other guys.) and Wizbang. ROVE STRIKES AGAIN.

Hooray for the marriage between old and new media! Cyborg Lawyer Glenn Reynolds agrees: blogs, not children, are the future!

At least it's an open bar. Back to you, Wolf!

Photo: FishbowlDC


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