First blind governor to be sworn in while totally bakedThis David Paterson guy is a real piece of work. First he admits that when his marriage hit a rough patch he dated other women, instead of engaging the services of a high-dollar prostitute like any normal politician. And now instead of vehemently denying he knows anything about drugs he says he did them once, in his impetuous youth!

He told NY1 News' Dominic Carter that he had done pot and coke back in the 70s:

Carter: Marijuana?

Paterson: Yes.

Carter: Cocaine?

Paterson: Yes.

Carter: You have used cocaine governor?

Paterson: I'd say I was about 22-23. I tried it a few times, yes.

At least the new governor had the decency to bill taxpayers for a few expensive hotel stays in Albany or else he would be the most dully unobjectionable governor since Howard Dean.

Paterson Admits To Illegal Drug Use In The Past, Including Cocaine [NY1 News]

Paterson Billed Taxpayers for Albany Hotels [New York Sun]


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