OMG Obama and Some Other Dudes Drank Beers On the TeeVee


[youtube expand=1]

What is this? It's the tragic result of 5,000 White House photographers with old-fashioned "click-y cameras" taking 5,000,000 pictures of the president and vice president (both in shirtsleeves) and the stars of the new Cambridge reality teevee show, No Motherfucker You Cannot Arrest Me In My Fucking House I Am a Harvard Professor .... Oh So Just Step Outside For a Moment?

Anyway! No more racism! In a million years, when you are a deathless space prisoner of the Spirogallion Spider Monsters, on Planet X8912 (Crab Nebula), you can tell your "kids" (spiders in your eyes) about the wonderful day when CNN and Pete Souza ended slavery and the Ivy League. Never Forget! [?]

Oh and Reuters called Obama the "bartender-in-chief." But where's the, uhm, birth certificate? Or, let's see, the driver's license? Might need one of those, to work at an American bar ... unless you are basically any kind of illegal, in which case, welcome!


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