On 'Day of Action,' White House Wants You To Buy Their Beer Koozies

On 'Day of Action,' White House Wants You To Buy Their Beer Koozies

Is there "some stuff" going on in the country today, maybe? Sure, a few things, like shopping day with Joe Biden! Here for example from some freshly-arrived Barack Obama re-election campaign spam promoting their online store is this convenient beer koozie with Joe's goofy grinning mug on it. And what's the "best part" of showing your support by using the Internet to purchase cheap crap, according to the email? "You won't have to fight the crowds, or even leave home." See, nice 'n safe!

At least these emails aren't even bothering to ask anyone to hand over their last few dollars as contributions in support of "hope" or "change" anymore. It's just "buy our stuff, to give as gifts, so we can keep our jobs." What a great gift for your fellow Americans!

Back in reality, the latest updates report that protesters at Zuccotti Park were barricaded in by police (after being evicted two days ago), and the scene is getting rough. Groups of folks are gathering in Union Square and on subways, as per the livestream that you can watch here:

One protester was photographed with blood all over his face after clashes in Zuccotti, and over a hundred have been arrested. [Obama For America email list/ Guardian]


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