On Gannon On Blitzer

My babydaddy, discredited conservative reporter Jeff Gannon, just rode Wolf's Blitzer on CNN.

CNN called in commentator and WaPo-ite Howard Kurtz to give the intro, because God knows Wolf couldn't summarize 30 blog posts all on his own. Also: Gannon says he's been stalked by "nuts on the left." Tee hee! Oh, wait...

Gannon reported he'd been stalked in the neighborhood and in church -- which is crazy! Liberals near a church? Also, his family was harassed, upon which Blitzer stealthily gay-baited him to define "family." (FYI: this family is a mother and brother.) Then Wolf backpedaled the question about Gannon owning gay domain names question with a qualifier: "I don't understand it." Indeed: what is internets, Wolf?

Reportedly, Talon News has 700,000 subscribers. Where, on Mars? But there's good news! According to Gannon, God closes doors and opens windows. If you're concerned about his future, he has had people call and make inquiries if he was "interested in certain positions." Heh. Also: heh heh.


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