On Monday, They're Switching From the Swingline to the Boston Staplers

We'd like to remind everyone that tomorrow is Sports Jersey Day at MSNBC. Please do not forget to put a cover sheet on your TPS reports.

MSNBC memo on permissible wackiness after the jump.

From: Announcements @ MSNBC
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004
To: [x] Subject: Summer "Dress-Up Days"

It is definitely starting to feel like Summer. We've seen the Hawaiian shirts escape from the back of the closet which is a clear indication that nice weather is here. In keeping with the fun casual Fridays we've expanded on the Hawaiian shirt Friday concept and would like to offer some additional suggestions for the next 12 Fridays. You can certainly wear your Hawaiian shirts every Friday of the Summer but if you're looking from some alternatives please review the list below. This is meant to be fun and give people a chance to enjoy the nice weather with more casual attire but please remember this is a workplace and we are professionals. Below are the suggestions for Summer Theme Day Fridays. Some will be judged for prizes. Have Fun!

Summer "Dress- Up" Fridays

6/18 Sports Jersey Day - by popular demand - this Friday only however

6/25 College Day - favorite schools or alumni wear

7/2 Patriotic Day (Red, White & Blue, Flags etc)

7/9 70's Disco Day - no hotpants please

7/16 Crazy Hat Day

7/23 Team Day (dept's/teams pick a theme) - the most creative team will win a prize

7/30 Shorts (walking shorts, appropriate length for the workplace) & T-shirt

8/6 60's - Tie Dye Day

8/13 Twin Day (pick a partner and dress alike)

8/20 80's - Madonna, Neon, Preppy

** - Prizes will be given for the best outfits


No offensive language or graphics on any clothing

On-air talent are exempt from participating

No short shorts

No tank tops or tube tops

Please keep your outfits in good taste there is always a chance that viewers may get a glimpse of people in the background

MSNBC Gets School Spirit for Casual Fridays [Gawker and we probably should have caught this sooner but Cablenewser was all over it first]


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