On Snoozing and Losing

* The Senate's just going to keep sleeping on it. [NYT, WP]

* GOP candidates need some new way to pander. [NYT]

* Now that everybody feels pretty much the same way on Iraq, there's one less reason to hate Hillary. [LAT]

* Your six-year-old sense of outrage now gets some specific targets. [NYT]

* If we're going to be in Iraq for 50 more years, does it really matter if it takes five years or ten to get those bomb-proof trucks? [NYT]

* The Justice Dept. is getting itself a new deputy idiot. [NYT]

* If kids want health insurance so bad why don't they get a goddamned job? [WP]

* When we think ethics, we think Capitol Hill. [Roll Call]

* Reid isn't going to let the GOP buy any more guns and tanks and things until they've thought long and hard on what they've done. [The Hill]

* Did you hear about this? Barrack Obama wants to end the war and give all the money to black people. [WT]


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