On the Dangers of Naming Bills After Oneself


Today's Hotline, quoting a Club for Growth mailer:

"The TV ad -- featuring none other than John McCain endorsing Lincoln Chafee -- was illegal under the McCain-Feingold law! It's not the first time Chafee ignored the law. He did it at least 1408 times with at least four different TV ads that were illegal under the so-called 'stand by your ad' provisions. ... If Club members keep donating funds to Laffey's campaign, we will soon teach wayward Republicans a lesson they'll never forget"

John "Maverick" McCain is so much a renegade, so much his own man, that he doesn't give a shit if he aids and abets the violation of his own damn bill.

Meanwhile, somewhere in far-flung Wisconsin, a despondent Russ Feingold stares at the phone, trying to will it to ring. "He hasn't called in months. He... he said he still cared. About honest elections and integrity... I bet he's with that floozy Mark McKinnon again, the bastard."


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